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That Moment In is a website and podcast dedicated to the best (and worst) moments in cinema, offering reviews, analysis and more.

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August 08, 2018 04:05 PM PDT

Hello Listeners, on this episode, The Vern is joined by two writers to discuss what makes a movie become a cult favorite.  Joining him are authors Scot Nolan (The Bargin Bin Reviews) and Michael Vaughn (The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema). Listen as they discuss what makes a bad movie so enjoyable and their top underrated and overrated cult films. The episode ends when Scot and Mike go head-to-head in a game of trivia.   

Michael Vaughn on Twitter (@StrangeCinema65)
Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/GuideStrangecinema/)
Scot Nolan on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BargainBinReview/)
Listen to Nolan on the podcast The Lair of the Unwanted ( http://www.thelairoftheunwanted.com/)

August 06, 2018 05:24 AM PDT

Elwood and Stephen are joined by That Moment In.com's very own Duchess of Dark Cinema, Zoe (Zobo With A Shotgun) so of course it made perfect sense that we would be looking this episode at the Korean Romantic Melodrama The Classic. Stephen provides also provides an introduction guide to the genre while Elwood opens the anime vault to look back at Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend. We also talk cursed jewelry, impressing women with your blood type as well as asking if toothpaste is a good way to counter tear gas ... plus much more!

July 24, 2018 04:52 AM PDT

On this episode, I, The Vern bring you my top five favorite movies I have seen so far in 2018. There's only one rule, that each movie had to be one I saw in theaters. You may agree with me and you may not, so let's discuss in the comments. Be sure to tell me which ones I should have left off and any titles I should have mentioned instead.

Thanks again for your support.

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July 18, 2018 05:51 AM PDT

On today's show, The Vern is joined by director Joe Badon and lead actress Linnea Gregg to discuss the independent feature The God Inside My Ear. After Vern comments on his thoughts about the story, Bandon and Gregg talk with Vern and help explain what it's all about. They also get into a great discussion about the best way to promote indie movies in this age of digital streaming.  

July 11, 2018 03:22 AM PDT

It's a veritable paranormal buffet on TV Good Sleep Bad this time as we take on both alien invasion and the afterlife in our latest exciting episode!

U.F.O., “Exposed” (episode 2, 1970): Hotshot test pilot Paul Foster puts more than his career at risk when he disobeys orders to investigate an unidentified flying object. He attracts the attention of a top-secret organization called SHADO, who aims to stop Foster’s investigation into the possibility of alien invasion—at any price.

Dead Like Me, “Pilot” (season 1 episode 1, 2003): Georgia Lass’s dead-end life meets its tragic end when a random piece of space debris strikes and kills her. Her afterlife takes a turn for the weird when she’s given a job guiding souls to the next world.

July 10, 2018 05:29 AM PDT

It's official. On Friday July 13th we are starting a Patreon page. There you can get bonus episodes not included here. We will also give you the chance to be on an upcoming show and have you help pick the monthly poll topic.

You can visit the site by heading to thatmomentin.com a clicking on our Patreon link. Bonus episodes post on Fridays. Each month going forward there will be at least two bonus episodes on the page as well. I promise more will be added as time goes on, so be sure to donate.

Today's show. I am giving you a sneak peak of the audio drama "Plan 9 from Outer Space".  This was originally aired  on The Lair of the Unwanted Podcast. I was a guest for a script read of Ed Wood's cult classic and after we finished, I took the file and added in sound effects and music and turned it into an audio drama. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy this preview. The full audio drama will post on our Patreon page Friday. Below is a list of cast Members that were in the presentation.

Jason Soto
Scot Nolan
Rachel Thuro
Steve Honeywell
Nate Withrow aka Bubbawheat
Daniel Lackey
and The Vern

July 07, 2018 04:03 PM PDT

Bottom season 3 episode 2, “Terror” (1995): Richie and Eddie want to hold a Hallowe’en party and meet women to have sex with, but they have no money, so they go trick-or-treating with an electric cattle prod and attempt to sell their souls to the Devil.

Kindred: The Embraced episode 1, “The Original Saga” (1996): San Francisco police detective Frank Kohanek’s investigation of crime boss Julian Luna takes a bizarre turn when Luna’s bodyguard suffers a bizarre death at the hands of Luna’s rival Eddie Fiori. This in turn leads to a startling revelation: Luna is the leader of a secret society of vampires that also includes Fiori—and Kohanek’s girlfriend Alexandra.

July 06, 2018 05:19 AM PDT

On this latest edition of TV Good Sleep Bad Elwood and Lackey take on two episodes of Black Mirror, the British science-fiction series that’s giving new meaning to words like “prescient.” You go to bed one night in a world that makes sense, and in the morning you wake up only to find that you actually live in the world of “The Waldo Moment.”
In this episode, we discuss:

Black Mirror series 1 episode 1, “The National Anthem” (2011): A mysterious terrorist makes a bizarre demand of Britain’s Prime Minister: fuck a pig on live television or a beloved member of the royal family dies. Starring Rory Kinnear, Lindsay Duncan, Donald Sumpter, Anna Wilson-Jones.

Black Mirror series 2 episode 2, “White Bear” (2013): A young woman wakes up in an unfamiliar house with no memories except for some fractured visions of someone who may have been her daughter. Who is she? What happened to her? And why are all these people in masks chasing her? Starring Lenora Critchlow, Michael Smiley, Tuppence Middleton.

July 03, 2018 03:31 PM PDT

London, England*. And in a basement in moneyed Mayfair** lives the greatest guardian of cult television the world has ever known. Yes, Elwood Jones, the secret agent so secret that even his code name has a code name. And with his trusted assistant Daniel Lackey (code-named “The Jigsaw,” because whenever he’s faced with an episode of Buffy, he goes to pieces), he has delivered the thirteenth terrific episode of TV Good Sleep Bad!

* He actually doesn’t live in London.

** And if he did, he certainly wouldn’t live in Mayfair.

In this episode, we discuss:

Cyber City Oedo 808 episode 1, “Memories of the Past” aka “Virtual Death” (1990): In the twenty-ninth century, three ruthless, hardened criminals are given the chance to reduce their sentences by taking on missions too dangerous for regular police. It’s up to these three antiheroes to save the 50,000 occupants of a massive skyscraper when the structure’s central computer puts the building on lockdown. But who’s controlling the computer?

Danger Mouse season 2 episode 6, “The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse” (1981): Baron Greenback kidnaps Penfold and issues an ultimatum to Danger Mouse: collect the ingredients for a powerful ritual the Baron wants to enact, or the hapless hamster gets it in the neck. But can even the world’s greatest secret agent claim a piece of the legendary Fog Monster of Old London town? And is television ready for a certain showbiz-obsessed vampire duck?

June 29, 2018 04:29 PM PDT

On this very special episode, The Vern is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the craft of film criticism and what makes someone a pure cinephile or merely a movie fan. On this round table discussion, we have Matt Neglia of The Next Best Picture Podcast and JD Duran and Brendan J Cassidy of InSession Film Podcast to give their feedback on a wide variety of topics that will help make you become a better critic of films.  Stay til the end and you will hear Brendan and Matt play a fun game.

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